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Best Reusable Shopping Bags in 2021

Design reviews of the best shopping bags in 2021

The following are some of the popular reusable shopping bags. All of these reusable bags helps to reduce plastic waste significantly and are often called “plastic killers”. They are also designed to be compact, significantly stronger and easier to carry then the traditional plastic bags.

There are many options in the market, so if you are not particular about any special features, then perhaps any reusable shopping bags would do. Below are some which we find worth mentioning and stands out above the crowd.


If you are a heavy grocery shopper looking at compact and convenient multiple bag solution, then you may like the design of the BagPodz.


The BagPodz is a portable pouch that comes in two sizes with 5 or 10 reusable shopping bags inside. The pouch opens or closes using a drawstring with a quick release clip, and comes with a snap on hook for shopping carts.

Taking out the bags is like pulling out tissue papers from a box, and reloading is as easy as rolling each bag into a bag and stuffing it back in. There is no need to fold the bags (like the Nano) if you do not wish to do it, as the bags will be compacted inside the pouch.

The bags are made from RipStop nylon but the carrying capacity of up to 50 lbs (22.6kg), which is significantly less than the Nano. They are nonetheless much stronger than the regular plastic bags. The material is also water repellent to contain spills.

Unlike the Nano 4.0, the BagPodz reusable shopping bags comes in single colors (orange).

Currently BagPodz is sold at Amazon at $34.95 for 10 shopping bags, which makes this cheaper than the Nano 4.0.


If you are looking for the lightest, compact, strong and fashionable reusable shopping bag, then you might like the Nano 4.0 reusable bag. Apart from size options, they offer different design such as sling, cross body and backpack options.

Nanobag 4.0
Nanobag 4.0

The Nanobag 4.0 created by TipTop Things LTD (Hong Kong company) first caught our attention by its small folded size, and how easily it can be slipped into the back pocket. Key features include:

  • RipStop fabric that prevents tears
  • Carrying weight of 30kg (66lbs)
  • Thin at only 0.05mm
  • Water resistant, washable and dries quickly
  • Oeko-Tex 100 standard

As mentioned, we were amazed by the small, portable size that can easily fit into any pocket. When unfolded, it has the capacity and strength to equal or even be better than other reusable bag. In its fourth version, they have added 15 new designs for those who are conscious of their looks beyond using the bag just for groceries. They also have two new bag styles (XL and Micro), and wider straps or capacity in some design (Aug 2020).

Nanobag 4.0 is currently available only at Kickstarter at an introductory price of around $10 – $12 USD only, but this may change later on.


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