Jabra Elite 65e Review

The Jabra Elite 65e is an over the neck, bluetooth earphone with 8 hours battery life, and IP54 rating (water resistant).

Why not ear buds?

Even though everyone seams to be leaning towards wireless ear buds, it is likely that they may experience one or more of the following issues with them:
1) Poor battery life;
2) Poor sound quality;
3) Easily dropped and lost
4) Poor connection;
5) Expensive… for having the above issues.

When working on this review, we compared the Jabra Elite 65e to Jabra Elite Active 65t, and found that the 65e more suitable for outdoor sports activities as it is more secured with the over the neck design. After losing one ear bud during training, I had decided to retire my “Active” 65t and use it only only for phone calls, or listening to music while sitting down at work or inside a car.

Pros and Cons

Our experience with the Jabra Elite 65e has been very positive.


  • Good single use battery life of 8 hours
  • IP54 for sports
  • Secure ear fitting
  • No risk of dropping
  • Good sound quality with strong bass
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Include a nice storage pouch

  • Micro-USB connection for charging

The above pros and cons are based on using this earphone for a year and over hundreds of kilometers of jogging. They are also quite straight forward and do not require much explanation. If you prefer to see a very detailed review on the sound quality and noise cancellation, please check this out.

As I only use it for running, I find the noise cancellation good enough as there are (running) noise that cannot be cancelled. If you run with earphones, you should know what I mean.

Suggestions for Improvements

The following are the few things that we look forward to in the next version:

1) Change to USB-C for charging.

2) Allow wired sound connection via USB-C to our computers while we are at the desk. Sometimes we may need to charge while listening to the earphone.

3) Considering it is an over-the-neck earphone, we are expecting room to increase the battery life further.

4) Consider changing the earphone wiring method similar to Sennheiser HD-1. In fact, the long wiring of the Jabra 65e was my initial reason for not buying it, as I prefer that is shortened like the Sennheiser or the Sony WI-1000X.

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