Interior Design

  • forust-wood-3d-printing-samples

    World First 100 Percent Wood 3D Printing

    Forust 3d wood printing uses natural wood powder and lignin to make 100 percent wood-based, complex products not possible by other processes. Most 3D printers can print PLA filaments that…

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  • samsung-bespoke-refrigerators

    Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

    Samsung bespoke refrigerator comprises 3 modules in different colours, where users can mix and match to fit into their kitchen design. The three selectable modules are as summarised in the…

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  • One Step Ladder by Cameron Rowley

    Designer One Step Ladder Won £40,000 Award

    Cameron Rowley’s One Step Ladder won £40,000 “Designer OF The Future Award” sponsored by The Conran Shop & The Marandi Foundation. Description of Work The One Step Ladder was born…

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  • Bedroom with all around curtains

    Elements Space: Vertical columns behind the bed and curtains all around makes the room look taller. The bed appears bounded by rhombus pattern extending from the back of the bed…

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  • Dining room at entrance with a view

    Elements Space: Open concept dining area located next to the main glass door and kitchen. Use of glass doors to connect to external view makes the space look bigger. Lighted…

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  • Wide living room with abstract paintings

    Elements Space: The light-colored carpet on the floor emphasized the living room area where people mingle. The carpet space is slightly off centered, positioned more towards the window on the…

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  • Stunning Staircase Design

    Most staircases that we have seen tend to be minimalist, simple design. Perhaps there would be lighting to guide the progression upwards, or some homeowners prefer to make storage boxes…

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  • Kostas Lambridis Patchwork Furniture Designd

    Kostas Lambridis is a Greek designer based in Athens, Greece. He has a diploma in Design Engineering, and in 2011, he migrated to Eindhoven, Netherlands to work for Nacho Carbonell…

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  • Yuko Nishikawa’s Designer Lamps and Ceramics

    Yuko Nishikawa is a Japanese designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She has designed for brands like Calvin Klein home and Anthropologie, and currently working on hand-built furnishings using demolished…

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