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Dining room at entrance with a view



  • Open concept dining area located next to the main glass door and kitchen.
  • Use of glass doors to connect to external view makes the space look bigger.
  • Lighted staircase and long steps on the right, separates the dining area from the living area of the house.
  • Kitchen and dining space boundary are defined by the wall corners and different ceiling height.
  • Negative space around the round dining table provide ample space for guests to move around when entering the door. It is also a spacious, relaxing place to enjoy good with a good view outside the front door.


  • Corner lines on the ceiling separate the kitchen, dining and living area of the house.
  • Lines on the floor, stairs and steps also separate the kitchen, dining and living area of the house.
  • The distinct lines on the floors tile and steps provide direction.
  • The black wire from the spider web chandelier stands out by contrasting the usual vertical and horizontal white lines in the interior space


  • The black wire structure of the chandelier looks like an inverted black diamond.
  • The round table stands out in a space which are dominated by mostly rectilinear shapes.
  • The curvature of the grey suede chair complements the round table and communicate a sense of elegance.
  • Rounded, polished chrome door handle contrast with the rectilinear doors and glass windows.


  • There basically two colors, with the off-white or white being the dominant color. The black or dark grey is the secondary color.
  • Dark grey dining table and chairs contrast with the light colored flooring and walls.
  • The black Chandelier matches the dining table and chair.
  • The side of the column at the kitchen next to the window frame are also black or dark grey in color.


  • Overall texture is low gloss surfaces for wall, floor and kitchen cabinet.
  • The suede covered seats looks warm, soft and comfortable for long dining session.


  • Natural lights from the door and glass wall, and can be blocked by the curtain if required.
  • Matching color chandelier for the dining table, also matches the color of the kitchen lighting.
  • Lighting on the staircases guide the eyes to the second floor.
  • Lightings on wall shelf adds emphasis on the displays.


  • The countertop with full height backsplash are in marble pattern.
  • Wall painting leading to the second floor looks like an abstract artwork, which is similar to “rock” theme (like marble).



  • The arrangement of the dining table and chairs is based on radial balance.


  • Progression is shown with those white vase on the lighted wall shelf, with height from short, medium and tall.
  • Progression is also shown by the stairs with ascending lights leading upwards to second floor.


  • The full height glass door and wall shows that there is emphasis in the exterior view from the door.
  • The dining table, chairs and chandelier are the main emphasis of the dining area. The surrounding within the dining area are negative spaces with nothing that may confuse the emphasis.
  • The artwork is the emphasis for the staircase leading to the upper floors.

Proportion and Scale:

  • The dominant color is plain white on the floor, wall and ceiling.
  • The secondary color is black or dark greyish on the glass frame, dining area furniture and part of kitchen furniture and wall displays.
  • The space is basically achromatic, which is why the artwork, even though it has the smallest proportion in the entire photo, it stands out as an emphasis for the staircase.


  • Shape: Mostly rectilinear in shape, except for the dining area emphasis which are all consistently round.
  • Color: Colors are consistently either dormant white or dark grey/black. All lamps are black in color. Dining area furniture are all black. Glass door and wall frame are all black. Interior wall, floor and ceiling are mostly white in color.
  • Texture: Consistent low gloss finish throughout except for the darker surfaces which are matte.
  • Lines: Mostly rectilinear, except where soft items are curvilinear.
  • Materials: Wood, suede leather, tall glass door and windows, powder coated steel.
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