Yuko Nishikawa’s Designer Lamps and Ceramics

Yuko Nishikawa is a Japanese designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She has designed for brands like Calvin Klein home and Anthropologie, and currently working on hand-built furnishings using demolished building material at her Studio called “Forest”. Using of recycled waste material to re-create new, aesthetic design is not always easy, however, there has been alot of emphasis in going green in recent years.

“I named this studio Forest: a place where things grow and things fall feed to create new lives, and where we wonder and discover something new”

Her work also includes artistic vase and lightings made in ceramics using clay. The design is refreshing and helps to break common linear shapes, adds flow and life into interior design. These artwork may blend well into any interior design, retail stores, restaurants and hotel lobbies, depending on their themes.


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