List of Common Bluetooth Audio Codec

The following is a set of quick notes on the list of audio compression formats. This is a live research article and will be updated in due course.


CodecByBitrate (kbps)BitsFreq (kHz)Features
(Sub-Band Codec)
Bluetooth SIG328 kbit/s (44.1 kHz)
345 kbit/s (48 kHz)
16 Universal among all Bluetooth devices
(advanced audio codec)
Various250 kbps16/24 Lossy compression.
The default format for Apple devices and also supported on Sony, Nokia and Nintendo.
LDACSony330 up to 990 (96 kHz)32 Lossy+Lossless
SBC and aptX outperforms at 330 kbps
aptXQualcomm3521644.1CD-quality audio over Bluetooth
Compression Ratio 4:1
aptX LL
(Low Latency)
Qualcomm3521644.1Compression Ratio 4:1
A delay of <40ms to sync with video 
aptX HDQualcomm5762448Compression Ratio 4:1
High-res audio
aptX AdaptiveQualcomm276 and 4202448Compression Ratio 5:1 to 10:1
New coding combining audio quality, low bitrate and low latency to adapt and use with gaming, videos, etc. 

General Notes:

  • CD Audio refers to 16-bits per sample.
  • HD Audio refers to 16-bit/44.1kHz.
  • Higher bitrate delivers high-resolution sound
How to calculate Bit-Rate?
  • Bit-Rate is Bit-Depth (Bits) multiplied by Sample Rate (Hertz or Cycle Per Second) and Channels which gives us Bits Per Second.
Bit-Rate = Bit Depth x Sample Rate x Channel


  • Bit-Depth is the number of digital bits for each audio file, for example, CD-quality audio has 16-bits, while higher resolution extends to 24-bits.
  • Sample Rate is in cycles per second or Hertz
Bits Per Second (bits/s) = Bits X Cycles/s x Channel

Example: The theoretical bitrate for 16-bit audio x sample rate of 48 kHz is 768 kbits/s per channel.

For Bluetooth, the actual bitrate is lower due to compression and losses in transmission over the wireless protocol.


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