EGO EXINNO 240W 6 Ports GaN USB Charger


EGO EXINNO 240W GaN USB Charger has 6 ports and a real-time wattage panel. This is quite different from most of the 200W GaN charger that we have reviewed so far that has only 4 ports and mostly focused on lightweight and pocket size.


The EGO EXINNO 240W chargers use the GaN IC brand Navitas 6127 and 6125, which is similar to some of the other GaN Chargers we reviewed, including the Chargeasap Omega, Volta and Thundergo 200W GaN chargers. All these chargers also use the same Navitas GaN IC except for Hyperjuice 245W GaN charger, which could explain the reason for the same 2 x 100W limit.

6 ports (3 USB-C, 3 USB-A)2 x 100W two-port output limit is same as the smaller 4-port GaN charger
Wattage display panelWeight of 410 grams is double the weight of the lightest 4-port 200W GaN charger
Support wide range of charging protocolsThe size of 110x83x32mm (292 cm3) is 50% bigger than the smallest 4-port GaN charger
Bigger size may have better heat dissipation due to larger surface areaVery expensive retail price of $269

To explain the limit clearer:

Once the first 2 ports draw up to 200W, using the 3rd port will reduce the output of the 2nd port from 100W to 65W and so on. 
EGO EXINNO 240W 6 Port GaN Output Distribution Map

Only the Hyperjuice 245W GaN can output 2 x 200W + 45W (3rd port) which is more superior in performance, and it uses the Innoscience INN65D01. We will perform an unbiased comparison at our Best 200W GaN Charger article.

Support Wide Range of Charging Protocols[tie_index]Support Wide Range of Charging Protocols[/tie_index]

Another advantage of the EGO EXINNO 245W GaN charger is that it appears to support more charging protocol than Hyperjuice and Chargeasap. In particular, we noticed the folllowing:

  • VOOC support: This is mainly used by OPPO and also by Oneplus known as Warp Charge (source: Wikipedia)
  • QC5 support: Qualcomm Quickcharge 5, is the latest 2020 standard, and in theory means it can exceed 100W but is limited to 100W on this charger.
  • DASH, DCP, MTK,PE2.0: These are the protocols listed by the creators but we have not investigated what they are for. We are listing them just to show the range of support.
EGO EXINNO 240W 6 Port GaN Charging Protocol Supported
EGO EXINNO 240W 6 Port GaN Charging Protocol

Size and Heat Dissipation[tie_index]Size and Heat Dissipation[/tie_index]

While size and weight may put off some users looking for lightweight, portable options, the size does appear to have an advantage in heat dissipation.

During a 20,000mAh battery charging test, EGO EXINNO maintained 50 degrees C after charging for 30 mins, whereas Omega was at 87 degrees C (see Indiegogo webpage).

Final Thoughts [tie_index]Final Thoughts [/tie_index]

We would opine the reason to buy EGO EXINNO 245W GaN is for the 6 ports which include 3 x USB-C, and also it has the support for a broader range of charging protocols. If you prefer a smaller and lighter option, then perhaps the other 4-port 200W GaN Chargers will suffice.

For completeness sake, we have listed our honest opinion of the “drawbacks” in a design review, but they do not mean the product is terrible. Anything that we spend time reviewing and writing is an excellent product.

Reference: EGO EXINNO 245W GaN charger at Indiegogo

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