HyperJuice 245W GaN Charger Design Review


Hyperjuice launched two products in a single campaign, a 245W GaN charger and a 245W battery pack. This article will perform a design review on the Hyperjuice 245W GaN charger, while we will review separately the battery pack.

Hyperjuice 245W GaN charger Pros and Cons

  • Charges two 100W devices and one device up to 45W at the same time.
  • Only USB-C ports for all next-generation devices.
  • At 582 grams, it is as heavy as one tablet plus one smartphone.
  • Not pocket-sized – it is much wider and thicker compared to 200W GaN competitors.
  • No wireless charging as it can become too hot to place any device on top. It is also very bulky already.
  • Once any port uses close to 100W power, there will be limitations to the remaining three ports (see below)

Advantages of Design

We like the simplicity and forward-looking design features with all four USB Type-C ports each capable of supplying up to 100W maximum. Users just need to be aware that even though the devices can plug into any of the four USB-C, all the devices combined should not exceed 245W in total power consumption. But what will happen if we plugged four 96W devices into the four USB-C at the same time? The total power output will still be 245W, but the devices will not get a full 96W from the port.

Although the charger is big and heavy, it could be useful for a workstation table for two co-workers each using the latest Apple MacBook 14-in where each requires up to 96W power (20.5V@4.7A). Both can use this charger to power up to two MacBooks and have one more port for tablets or smartphones. It would be nice if both ports can be used, albeit lower voltage is fine because most smartphones at this time only require 18 or 20W.

Limitations of Design

Basically, like any GaN chargers, when one of the USB-C ports is using close to the max 100W, then the remaining ports could either have reduced maximum power or fewer ports are available.

For example, when two plugged-in devices consume up to 96W each, then there is only 45W available for the remaining 2 ports. It is preferable that the 45W can split to the remaining two ports to charge two smartphones instead.

Another limitation when plugging into four ports at the same time is that only the first USB-C port can reach 100W while each of the rest is 45W max.

So in summary, the limitation of the power distribution configuration a

  • One 96W laptop and one 65W notebook – only 2 ports can use
  • Two 96W laptops and one 45W tablet or notebooks – only 3 ports can use
  • One 96W laptop and three 45W tablets or notebooks – all 4 ports used but only one has 100W. 
Hyperjuice 245W GaN Charger Power Distribution Table
Hyperjuice 245W GaN Charger Power Distribution Table

Hyperjuice 245W GaN charger Key Specifications

  • Max Total Power Output: 245W
  • Product Dimensions: 105 x 100 x 32 mm / 4.13” x 3.93” x 1.25”
  • Product Weight: 582g
  • Power Efficiency: 91%
  • Ports: 4 x USB-C
    • Each USB-C can deliver max 100W, and the total from all 4 combined is 245W
    • Protocol: PD2.0/3.0, QC2.0/3.0/4.0+, PPS, Apple 2.4A, BC1.2, AFC, SCP, FCP
    • 5V~3.0A, 9V~3.0A, 12V~3.0A, 15V~3.0A, 20V~5A
  • GaN IC: INN650D01
  • Protection: Over-current, Over-voltage, Over-temperature, Short-circuit Protection
  • Power Input: AC 100-240V 47/63Hz ≤4A
  • Certifications: UL60950/62368, EN60950/62368, GB17626.2-1998/17626.4-1998/17626.5-1998, IEC61000-4-2/61000-4-4/61000-4-5
  • Enclosure: Aluminum & ABS
  • Includes in Packaging: 6ft AC Power Cord

Review Summary

When compared to the other 200W GaN chargers, the key advantage of the Hyperjuice 245W GaN charger is the additional 45W. When plugging in two 100W devices, there is one more usable USB-C port (45W), whereas the other brands have no more free ports.

The creator offered the Hyperjuice 245W GaN charger at a $99 crowdfunding price, which we feel should be the correct retail price. We opine the retail price of $199 is too high for just another 45W total power.

Project Page: Indiegogo 

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