Stunning Staircase Design

Most staircases that we have seen tend to be minimalist, simple design. Perhaps there would be lighting to guide the progression upwards, or some homeowners prefer to make storage boxes out of each step. Preetham Dsouza developed several concept design based on specific themes.

For Kayak lovers (myself included), this design is definitely very interesting. It features railings constructed with “oars” and “life buoy”, lining the sides of what appears to be a “boat” with steps built into it. As it does not look like the racing kayaks that I know of, I would call it the boat staircase. While it may look beautiful in 3D rendering, it may not be easy to construct this staircase out of wood or steel. It will be also be expensive to use carbon fibre with resin as in most modern kayak. Nevertheless, this could be an interesting design for the home or offices of sailors and Naval officers. It may also look beautiful in seaside restaurants and pubs.

Music lovers and artists would sure this staircase design built with a guitar look. While the railings and steps look quite conventional, the challenge will be to make the large guitar model underneath the staircase. And to achieve the “deboss” guitar shape, there will be a need to build an entire false wall (dark grey portion). Again, another beautiful concept design that could be achievable with some tweaks.

Below are some more designs by Preetham Dsouza. If you are interested in these design or to develop new, refreshing idea, contact him.

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