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The Ninu Smart Perfume is a patented, “first of its kind”, customizable perfume dispensing device. The creators visited some of the biggest expos and also to the major brands such as LVMH, Kenzo and Christian Dior to showcase their functional prototypes, and none of them has seen such a device before.

What is Ninu Smart Perfume in a Nutshell

Ninu comes in 3 sets of fragrance options, namely Flora for ladies, Terra for men and Aura is unisex. Each set of fragrances contains 3 complementing base fragrances that are mixed in different ratios to deliver dozens of variances and intensities.

Flora is a feminine fragrance in a set of sweet aromas, traditionally used in feminine perfumes comprising three carefully selected bases. It comprises the following three base fragrance:

  • Philodendron: Tuberose and jasmine with a touch of coffee, warm spices, tonka bean and vetiver.
  • Verdure: Cedarwood and rhubarb, with hints of creamy notes and red fruits.
  • Amazonica: Pomegranate and yuzu, combine with peony, magnolia and rose damascene.

Terra is a masculine fragrance based on earth and wood-based fragrances, and traditional aromatic ingredients used in colognes. It comprises the following three base fragrance:

  • Mesa: Ambery labdanum, rose, woody, incense and leather.
  • Malachite: Styrax, bergamot, elemi and sage in marine note.
  • Rift: Bergamot, a hint of lavender, patchouli, and tonka in an aquatic note.

Aura: This is a unisex fragrance that strikes the balance between lighter fresh scents and softer earth notes. It comprises the following three base fragrance:

  • Spiritus: Mellow ambers, cardamom, sandalwood, grapefruit, ginger, pink pepper
  • Estuary: Neroli, aromatic and fresh peppery ingredients
  • Caelum: Magnolia, violet, tuberose, peach, plum, cashmere and sandalwood.

Ninu uses Extrait de Perfume fragrance oils, which typically has a concentration level of 25%, and can last over 12 hours. The ingredients are skin safe and 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free. The canister comes with a rechargeable battery and needs to be charged via a USB Type-C cable before use.

Typically, a single charge should last an entire set of 3 x 25ml (75ml) of perfume.

Perfume Fragrance Longevity

How it works

  • Connect Ninu with the smartphone app via Bluetooth.
  • The user will select a scent with more than 100 options.
  • Ninu will mix and deliver the scent to you.
NINU uses an electronic micro-precision extraction system to get the luxury liquid sprayed out. It has the ability to precisely spray out each of the fragrances in different ratios and in different volumes sprayed. The higher the volume settings the more options you have – due to the slightest difference still sensible to be used. For instance, in the high-volume intensity, which means about 0,15ml sprayed out (this is equivalent to about 2x spritz with your regular perfume at home), this means more than 130 ratios options! We can agree that some variances have more subtle differences than others, but even the slightest change in ratios makes a noticeable difference (Example: 10:10:80 vs. 20:10:70 vs 30:10:60).

Purchasing Options

  • Select from the three main fragrances, Flora, Terra, or Aura.
    • Users can also buy the set of the three base fragrance in 25ml cartridges. The cartridges cannot be refilled but users can buy a new set to use with their reusable perfume canister.
  • Select the perfume canister from 3 colours below, namely deep black, rose gold and angel white. We like the angel white colour but that is a stretched goal!
Ninu Perfume Canister Colors

Where to Buy (non-affiliated)

The estimated retail price is €259 and includes one set of fragrances of your choice and a charging cable for the Ninu perfume canister. Each pack contains three 25ml cartridges for each of the 3 fragrances mentioned above. The cartridge cannot (currently) be refilled individually, but users can buy a new set of three cartridges to use with the reusable Ninu perfume dispensing device/canister.

The Early Bird price is €169 on Kickstarter, and the Ninu perfume dispensing device comes with a one-year warranty.

Ninu Phone App
Ninu Perfume Canister Component Diagram

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