Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator


Samsung bespoke refrigerator comprises 3 modules in different colours, where users can mix and match to fit into their kitchen design.

The three selectable modules are as summarised in the following table:

Item NameBESPOKE 1 Door RefrigeratorBESPOKE Bottom Mount FreezerBESPOKE French Door Refrigerator
TypeFull height single door fridge/freezer convertibleTop refrigerator (1 door)
Bottom freezer (1 door)
Top refrigerator (2 doors)
Bottom freezer (2 doors)
Size595w x 1853h x 688d mm (84kg)595w x 1853h x 669d mm
912w x 1853h x 673dmm
Net Capacity315 litres328 litres496 litres
Energy GradeEnergy Grade 3 TicksEnergy Grade 2 TicksEnergy Grade 2 Ticks
FeaturesFridge/Freezer Convertible
Reversible doors
Selectable door colour
Reversible doors
Selectable door colour
Selectable door colour
Wi-Fi embedded
UV deodorising filter

What caught our attention when we see the term “bespoke” was that thinking that modular units could is stackable. The name “Bottom Mount Freezer” also gave us the idea that the bottom freezer is not detachable from the top. After a detailed review of the design tools on the Samsung website, we realised that all the 3 modules are full height units.

The key feature of the BESPOKE design is customizable door panel colours, which is slightly below our expectations or imagination when we first come across the term. BESPOKE in the furniture is more than mere colour customization. If all Samsung’s refrigerator has a fixed standard height of 1853mm height and customisable door panels, then all Samsung’s refrigerators are theoretically BESPOKE.

About BESPOKE Refrigerators

There are some rules to note when selecting the modules:

  • Only the BESPOKE 1 Door Refrigerator and BESPOKE Bottom Mount Freezer has reversible doors. This means that you can place them anywhere in the configuration and switch the direction of the door opening as required.
  • The doors of the BESPOKE French Door Refrigerator has a fixed opening direction, which makes sense because it does not have a full-height divider to accept reversed door opening.
  • BESPOKE 1 Door Refrigerator can be configured either as a fridge or freezer.
  • The marketing material reads “The BESPOKE refrigerator’s standard depth will fully align with your cabinetry.” However, based on the specs, the units have the same height but the depths are all different. The BESPOKE 1 Door Refrigerator has the deepest at 688mm including the door handle, which is noteworthy when selecting this module.
  • All the door panel colours can be customised from 5 standard colours: satin grey, satin sky blue, glam white, glam pink, and glam navy.
Samsung Bespoke Tryout 1
Samsung Bespoke Tryout 2


Samsung Bespoke Tryout 3

Creative BESPOKE

Currently, there is a contest at Samsung for users to submit creative door panel designs for the refrigerators, using a list of pre-selected motifs. Users can also submit their own designs.

Samsung may offer these creative designs as UV prints on the door panels for real in the near future, which could be the reason for the contest to find out which design is popular. It is not logistically sound to offer too many design options for users to select, so we believe Samsung’s plan is to select the top few designs that most users submit for the contest.


samsung-bespoke-refrigerators-contest-step-1 samsung-bespoke-refrigerators-contest-step-2 samsung-bespoke-refrigerators-contest-step-2-a samsung-bespoke-refrigerators-contest-step-3

You could get a BESPOKE fridge or watches as a prize if you win the contest.

Samsung Contest Link (limited time only)

Final Thoughts

The BESPOKE colour configuration and modular design offer flexibility when interior designing the kitchen space and looks. It will also be interesting to see the customised creative colours for door panels for selection in future.

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