Design Review on Logitech G604 Vs G600 Buttons

This design review compares the differences between Logitech G604 Vs G600 mouse. 

The G604 seems to be the answer to G600, which is one of the popular MMO mice in the past. Even though the G604 seemed like a “reduced version” with only has 6 side thumb buttons, we found that it is in fact much more superior than the G600 in the following design aspects:

Instead of messy wires on the G600, the G604 uses a dedicated wireless connector and also Bluetooth switch between wireless and BlueTooth by pressing the button on the top.

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The G604 has a larger button and a smartly designed protruded tip. After hours of using the G604, we find that this little protrusion makes a lot of difference. It is more precise and easier to press the correct button, and interestingly, we have yet to see another competitor’s side mouse button with similar features. As you can see in the photo below, there are 3 columns of buttons on the G604, vs 4 columns on the G600. For the latter, it is more likely to press the wrong button or press 2 buttons at the same time.

G604 vs G600 鼠标
G604 vs G600 鼠标

There is space for the thumb to grip the mouse, which reduces the chance of pressing the side buttons accidentally. There is no proper place to grip with the thumb on the G600 – which will not work well if you need fast and precise movement while moving the mouse.

The side button on the G604 is also designed such that, the thumb can slide up (without losing its grip) and press on the lower row side buttons. G600 only accepts direct pressing. This is another smart design that we do not see in other competitor’s mice.

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Change the middle mouse wheel to click-by-click or smooth scroll pressing a button just behind the wheel. This is similar to other productive mice such as the Logitech M705 mouse.

It does not have the third button on the right like the G600, however, the G604 added two side index buttons, similar to those found on the G502. By default, they are programmed for increase or decrease DPI on the fly. For MMO, we decided to use it for some critical attack moves. They become very handy for alternative index finger functions.

G604 vs G600 鼠标
G604 vs G600 鼠标

The additional side index button can also be programmed as a middle mouse button which is useful for AutoCAD (panning). However, you will need to get used to the position on the left instead of the middle button. We tried to program the G600 for the middle button panning but it does not seem to work well.

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In terms of ergonomics, keep in mind that the mouse is meant to be moved. This means the thumb, ring and pinky fingers need to grip and move the mouse, leaving only the index and middle button available to press buttons (on top) while moving the mouse.

You can perhaps press a thumb button and then move the mouse with it remaining pressed. However, you cannot change to press another thumb button while trying to move the mouse.

This is why the G604, and G502 with the 2 additional index buttons on top, are much more superior than other gaming mice that do not have them.

So for MMO games where (really) fast reaction is not necessarily a matter of life and death in the game, most of the quick buttons can be programmed on the keyboard. However, the same reasoning also goes for some users who use the mouse for design such as 3DSmax.

In short, we opine that G604 is definitely a good mouse for not only MMO but also FPS games.

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Design suggestions for the G604

1) Add the third top button (same as the G600) to the G604. Allow the middle large button (not the middle scroll wheel) to be configured… as the middle button of course.  We cannot do this in the G600 due to software limitations.

2) There is space on the side for additional thumb buttons, while still leaving enough space for the thumb grip. We believe 2 more (front and back) plus one more below.

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