Kostas Lambridis Patchwork Furniture Designd

Kostas Lambridis is a Greek designer based in Athens, Greece. He has a diploma in Design Engineering, and in 2011, he migrated to Eindhoven, Netherlands to work for Nacho Carbonell for 8 years. While he was there, he studied “Contextual Design” master’s program of the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated Cum Laude in 2017. His graduation project “Elemental Cabinet” brought him international attention and he participated several group exhibitions ever since. In 2019 he was part of “Metamorphosis: Art in Europe now” at Fondation Cartier in Paris.

“There are two opposing forces that shape everything we do and have ever done. One force ascends and strives for immortality. It consists of the need to impose order over chaos, the will to create and change. The other force descents and wants to die. It’s entropy, the resistance of nature, the laws of matter. The collision of these two forces produces objects and knowledge. It is the constant moral dilemma that the maker must always face.”

The “Elemental” cabinet below appears to be a complex combination of multiple design and material involving wood, metal, glass, fabric, ribbons, shells and stones. Then there are clocks, picture frames, natural wood curves, open shelves or trays. If this is meant to be a cabinet, we could not discern which are drawers or doors.

Would this fit into a clean, minimalist interior environment? We do not think so as it will not just be an issue with contrast but its contradition. However, this is an eye-catching design, and possibly suited for a rustic looking interior design concepts where the floors, walls are raw concrete, and doors could use reclaim or recycled wood, or demolished material. On the other hand, the patchwork concept is a demonstration the knowledge and experience of the designer in working with different types of material.


Below is a lamp designed by Kostas Lambridis, which shares the same patchwork concept design. Again, this could match a rustic room as the photo shows, with raw concrete ceiling and wall.

Needless to say, we are quite sure the above designs are all unique, limited edition designer furnishing.

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