Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Review

and Sorayama Edition Designer Sports Shoes

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy with the famous Infinity Wave sole is designed for long distance fitness running. If you are looking for a pair of durable shoes with the best shock absorption to jog medium-to-long distances, then Mizuno Wave Prophecy shoes may be a good choice.

The latest release is Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Sorayama Edition, which is one that carries the name of the Japanese designer Hajima Sorayama.

The Infinity Wave plate appears to be the same as the normal Mizuno Wave Prophecy X. Unlike the normal Wave Prophecy X, the Soryama edition has a “gusseted tongue”, meaning the tongue is joined to the upper of the shoes. The shoe lace is translucent design.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Sorayama
Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Sorayama


The Mizuno Wave Prophecy is designed for:

  • Heel landing for slow run, not for sprinting.
  • Long run where shock absorption and cushioning is a necessity.
  • Training shoes where durability is expected.
  • Any runner with slight knee pain may find the shock absorption helpful.
  • Heavy runners will benefit from the shock absorption as well.

It is not designed for competition, or sprinting where lightweight shoes are preferred.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy X
Mizuno Wave Prophecy X
Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Top View
Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Top View

Form and Fit.

  • It is slightly heavier than most sports shoes at about 370 – 390 grams depending on the size.
  • The rear heel is about 40mm tall.
  • Based on Prophecy 8 and 9, the shoe is slightly smaller (in both length and width) by 1 size, so you may need to order 1 size bigger than other sports shoes.

Stability and Cushioning.

  • It is neutral shoe for normal to high arch feet. Runners with flat feet and overpronate, can swap the insole with one with arch support.
  • Many runners commented that the the shoe feels “harder” than shoes using foam sole. However, it provided more shock absorption and is well suited for heavy runners.
  • Runners who have slight or occassional knee pain may find the shock absorption by the Infinity Wave sole is much better than other shoe soles such as Nike Air or Asics Gel.
  • When the shoe is new, the rubber sole may be slippery when running on water puddle, especially on smooth ground.


  • The infinity wave sole is very durable as compared to conventional foam sole. Even when the black rubber is worn out, the infinity waves still offers good cushioning support. Thousands of kilometers were clocked before we wear out the first pair of Prophecy 8 shoes.

Infinity Wave.

  • The Infinity Wave technology is the core feature of the Mizuno Wave Prophecy. First time user of Mizuno Wave Prophecy may find the Infinity plate gives a slight push with each step.
  • The rear of the infinity wave sole appears to have undergone at least 3 major changes over time.
    • The initial heel design has a flat rear from Wave Prophecy 1 to 4. There was a Lambhorghini limited edition which has similar heels.
    • Thereafter from Wave Prophecy 5 to 9, the heels have been improved with a slight extension to the rear. We tested the Prophecy 8 and find that the new Infinity Wave design with extended heels has better cushioning than the earlier version.
    • In the latest Wave Prophecy X or 10, the Infinity Wave is modified again with a longer extended heel. This reminds me of similar design by Nike Vaporfly or Alphafly.
Wave Prophecy Heel Design Changes
Wave Prophecy Heel Design Changes
    • As I have some knee pain, we find the improved Prophecy 8 provides better heel cushion and shock absorption than Prophecy 4. Prophecy X is expected to be even better than Prophecy 8 and 9 series.
    • Wave Prophecy X bottom rubber sole appears to change for the first time, since the first Wave Prophecyshoes was released.
Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Bottom Rubber Sole
Mizuno Wave Prophecy X Bottom Rubber Sole

Below is a compilation of the 10 Mizuno Wave Prophecy Shoes. As a user who has Runner’s Knee, I jogged thousands of kilometers, worn out one pair of Prophecy 8 and bought another 2 pairs.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 1 to 10
Mizuno Wave Prophecy 1 to 10

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