Soulnation Emotion Pro Review

Soulnation Emotion Pro is an affordable earbud with good features such as ANC, sweat-resistant and up to 36 hours of battery life. It is the latest flagship product from Soulnation, which is a Hong Kong-based company with more than 10 years of experience in producing audio devices and equipment.

The EMOTION PRO joins the newly launched EMOTION MAX as part of SOUL’s EMOTION SERIES, a dedicated collection for work and play headphones. Engineered to ensure the clearest audio capture, EMOTION PRO ($129.99) are high-performance true wireless earbuds featuring Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, audio transparency mode, and multipoint technology that allows wearers to seamlessly switch between two devices and enjoy SOUL’s signature sound quality for calls and music.

Form Factor

Tech Specs Soulnation
Emotion Pro
Apple Airpods
Jabra Elite
Release date Aug 2021 30-Oct-19 08-Jun-21 Nov 2021
Form Factor
Size (each earbud) 27.85×20.61
25.4×20.3mm 23.1×19
Weight (each earbud) 5.5g 5.4g 7.3g 7g
Earbuds IP Rating IPX5 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Control Type
Touch Touch Touch Button

The Soulnation Emotion Pro is about the same weight as the Apple Airpods Pro and has slightly better IPX5 sweat resistant.

IPX4 is protection against water spray, whereas IPX5 is protection against low-pressure water jet, which means it should be able to rinse under the tap with a low flow rate.

The size is about the same as the Sony WF-1000XM4 and does not over-protrude from the ear if the correct ear gel is used.

Soulnation - Wearing the Emotion Pro
Soulnation – Wearing the Emotion Pro

We decided to check out the connector points on the earbud and based on the diagrams shown in the user manual, the size looks good. Klipsch T5 II Wireless Sports Earbuds have a serious charging problem as their connection points are very small and is difficult to align them correctly for charging.

Soulnation - Connector Point
Soulnation – Connector Point

The Soulnation Emotion Pro is unlikely to have similar problems like the Klipsch T5 II Wireless Sports, as shown in the comparison photo below between the Klipsch T5 II Wireless Sports and Jabra Elite Active 75t. The Klipsch connector on the left is significantly smaller and is very hard to get it charged properly!

Klipsch Vs Jabra Connector
Klipsch Vs Jabra Connector


Tech Specs Soulnation
Emotion Pro
Apple Airpods
Jabra Elite
JBL Reflect
Audio (Speaker)
Driver 10mm 13mm 12mm 5.8mm
Impedance 32 ohms 32 ohms 16 ohms 14 ohms
Sensitivity 90 dB Not available. 103dB 102dB [email protected]
Active Noise Cancellation
Hybrid ANC Yes Yes No
(Hear Through)
Yes Yes Yes Ambient Aware
Mems Microphone per earbud 3 2 3 2

The Soulnation Emotion Pro uses a 10mm speaker driver with 32 ohms impedance and 90dB sensitivity. The higher impedance requires more power to deliver higher audio levels but protects the speaker from damage caused by overloading. Higher impedance also gives more transparent and clearer sound with better bass definition.

Sensitivity has no effect on perceived sound quality, however, a lower sensitive speaker requires more power to drive. In any case, this boils down to the battery life which will be reviewed later in this post.

Soulnation mentioned that the Emotion Pro has a “hybrid” ANC which is also used in Jabra earbuds. The hybrid ANC means that it includes both feedforward and feedback ANC, which can suppress noise at a broader range of frequencies, adapt and correct errors. Even though this is supposed to cost twice as much as either ANC, the overall price of the earbuds remains affordable.

The Soulnation Emotion Pro has 3 mics in each earbud, which is on par with the latest flagship model of Jabra Elite 85t, Logitech Zone True Wireless, and JBL Reflect Flow Pro. There are two ANC feedback mic, two ANC feedforward mic,s and two clear voice mics.

Connectivity and Battery

Tech Specs Soulnation
Emotion Pro
Apple Airpods
Jabra Elite
Bluetooth Version 5.1 5 5.2 5.1
Operating Range 10m 10m 10m 10m
Multi-point Connection 2 2 2 2
Battery Life
Music Time (ANC Off) 9h 5h 12h 7h
Music Time (ANC On) 7h 4.5h 8h 5.5h
Total Time + Charge Case
(ANC On)
28h 24h 24h 25h
Charging Time 0-100%
3h 15mins 2h 20mins 1.5h 2h 20mins
Charging Case
Size 60×41.36
Weight 29.9g 45.6g 41g 45.1g
Wireless Charging
Yes Yes Yes 5W
USB-C Connector Yes Nil Yes Yes
Fast Charge For
1 hour usage
15mins 5mins 5mins 15mins
Battery Status Light Yes, 4 LEDs Yes Yes(Color LED) Yes

The Soulnation Emotion Pro has the best battery life in the above comparison, but it also takes the longest for a full charge. The best competitors for earbud battery life are Jabra Elite 3, and the new Jabra Elite 7 Pro and Active, all of which would have up to 35h battery life in total including the charging case.

The multi-point, simultaneous connection to two devices at the same time is similar to most of the latest high-end earbuds.

The charging case of the Emotion Pro is slightly smaller than the Jabra Elite 85t’s case, but it is lighter by almost 33%. It does not have any IP rating like the Logitech Zone True Wireless, but it can be wirelessly charged.

Soulnation Emotion Pro Charging Case
Soulnation Emotion Pro Charging Case

Final Review Remarks

The following are some areas which we opine may be improved in future upgrades:

  • To have the ability to use either earbud independently.
  • To improve the IP rating further, for example, adding dust protection and better water sealing to say, IP57.
  • To provide earwings for use during sports or vigorous activities to prevent accidental dropout.

The Soulnation Emotion Pro is an affordable and worthy alternative when compared to a similar range of high-end earbuds in the market. It has covered all the advanced features that are critical for a good earbud without cutting a hole in our pocket. The current price is $129.99 with a warranty of one year, and an extended warranty of 6 months for Soulnation members.

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