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Design Your Own Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Design Lab has created a design tool that allows users to customize the color of the new Xbox Wireless Controller. It is compatible and connects to Xbox, Windows 10, Android, and iOS using Bluetooth, and has a battery life of up to 40 hours using AA batteries.

Gamers can now order their designer Xbox Wireless Controller in customized colors using the design tool here. Start by picking, mixing, and matching the colors for each part of the controller, including the D-pad, body, back, texture triggers, bumpers, thumbstick, and buttons.

Everything can be customized including the Xbox logo button which goes with the same colors for the body panel.

Xbox Wireless Controller Picking Color
Xbox Wireless Controller Picking Color

There is a render on the side that will show the new look based on the colors selected. Besides the color, users can also pick the button styles and add engravings on the plastic cover.

Xbox Wireless Controller Examples

At this time, the custom Xbox wireless controller has a flat price of $69.99 regardless of the colors used in the design of any of the parts. There is an additional $9.99 for engraving, which adds up to $79.98.

Once the design is completed and the order is placed, Microsoft does not accept cancellation or changes in design. So make sure you are 100% sure of the design you have customized before pressing the order button. There is also no return policy for the customized controller.

Xbox Wireless Controller
Xbox Wireless Controller

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