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It is about the chemistry of adding Lego block elements into high-end sports shoes. The product of creativity and fun with sports and fashion is the Adidas ZX 8000 sports shoes for the adults, and Adidas X Lego for the kids. As we know, Lego is a famous kids creative building block game that has been around since 1949. Many of us have seen or played with them at one point in our life. The colors and building block design is now incorporated into the Adidas ZX8000 series that was launched since 1984. The shoe is a colorful, Lego variation of the ZX8000 series which as the Adidas’ proprietary Torsion system supporting the mid-foot and the softcell system for the heel.

After checkout out several Youtube reviews of the shoes unboxing, we find that the reviewers may have missed out some observations in the design.

  • Brick Element: The shoes contain elements of Lego “brick” which appears to have “studs” like the actual bricks. According to one reviewer, this “brick” on the ZX 8000 for adults are purely cosmetic and cannot be used to connect to real Lego bricks. However, we are not quite sure about the bricks for the kids’ version.
compare lego brick and shoe
Compare Lego brick and shoes

The adult ZX version comes with several decorative color bricks with matching shoe lace colors, as shown below. We think that red, green or blue laces will look playful and vibrant, while black or grey laces will tone that down slightly – since the entire shoe is already in RGB yellow colors.

We like the “Lego Studs” look of the kid’s Adidas X Lego shoe, and wondered if this could be added to the ZX8000 in future.

  • Colors: The shoes use up all the primary colors, in carefully selected shades of Red, Blue and Green. The green appears to be hunter green, while the blue is slightly lighter, closer to sky blue on the kids’ model. In both models, it is noteworthy that the designer has picked yellow as the “base color”, either for the top or the base EVA portion. The choice is obvious, as yellow is the corporate color for Lego brand.

One reviewer finds the selection of colors too childish, but this would not be a Lego shoe if the colors are bland. Anyone who wears a Lego shoes knows the colors are the key features. The kids’ Adidas X Lego shoe is more vibrant as it is fully colored with very minimal black (except for Adidas logo) and some white at the heels, making it close to a 100% Lego-look shoe.

Will we wear this shoe as an adult? Probably yes, but not everyday and depends on the occasion.

The ZX8000 is currently sold out on Adidas US store, so be prepared to snatch them quickly when they are launched in the next cycle.

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