XGO-Mini Review

AI programmable robot dog

The XGO-Mini is an AI programmable robot that is designed to move like a quadrupedal pet dog. It is an interactive robot capable of recognising images and actions, just like a child learning how to walk, follow instructions, identify objects and surroundings.


Source: Kickstarter XGO-Mini Project

  • Programmable in python language to achieve more functions
  • It appears that the robot has a head-mounted camera to capture actions which are then processed by built-in AI Applications.

  • Built-In AI applications include
    • Face detection.
    • Face Tracking.
    • Face Recognition.
    • Finger Guessing.
    • Hand Gesture Recognition. If you point left in front of the camera, the robot will turn left in the direction of your finger pointing.
    • Hand Tracking.
    • Image Classification.
    • Mask Detection.
    • Sound Spectrum.
    • Traffic Sign Recognition.
    • Color Block Tracking
    • Find Circle
    • Find Lines
    • Find Rectangle
    • Decode QR
  • Walking on uneven terrain and extremely rough surfaces.
  • Adjust height to avoid overhead obtacles.
  • Self stabilised
  • Kendryte K210 Chip RISC-V processor architecture, audio-visual, standalone IP core, and strong programmability. It supports images, audio, video, machine learning models, and other types of materials stored in a Micro SD card.


The design of the robot’s smooth movement and stability is impressive. Even when the floor is rocking (e.g. on a boat), it will not fall off easily.

We are assuming that it cannot climb stairs as there are no videos or mention of it.

Another issue is that the robot is able to follow instructions and recognise the surroundings, however, there are no options to communicate or perform useful functions. For example, can it recognise a person who is not wearing mask, take a photo of him and send it to a designated smartphone?

It needs to have a wireless communication module and also some form of clamp or holder, just like a dog uses its jaw to bite and fetch a ball.

All the robots’ functions are based on the head-mounted camera, and but it does not have infra-red or night vision capability to perform under dim lights.

Perhaps we will see more improvements in the new XGO-Ultra which was mentioned in their brief. As future XGO gets more improved features, its weight and size might increase as well.

In the meantime, the XGO-Mini is a useful AI robot for those who are interested to explore, learn or even tweak it further.


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