Xiaomi Cyberdog Review

The Xiaomi Cyberdog is a quadrupedal robotic pet which looks similar to the XGO-Mini robotic. , but with much more power features like agility, sensors and AI. The first 1000 units cost 9,999 RMB (US$1,550) and is available to Xiaomi Fans, engineers, and robotic enthusiasts to program and explore the possible uses of the robot.

“CyberDog can analyze its surroundings in real-time, create navigational maps, plot its destination, and avoid obstacles. Coupled with human posture and face recognition tracking, CyberDog is capable of following its owner and darting around obstructions,” says Xiaomi.

CPU and Sensors:

  • CPU: NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX platform, an AI Supercomputer for Embedded and Edge Systems which includes 384 CUDA® Cores, 48 Tensor Cores, a 6 Carmel ARM CPU, and 2 deep learning acceleration engines.
  • Sensors: 11 high precision sensors
Xiaomi CyberDog Components
Xiaomi CyberDog Components
Xiaomi Cyberdog Closeup
Xiaomi Cyberdog Closeup. Credit: Xiaomi

Basic AI Ability

    • Follow voice command
    • Follow hand gestures
    • Recognise owner and follow


  • Rotation Speed: 320 rpm
  • Torque: 320 N.m
  • Movement Speed: 3.2m/s
  • Motion: Dart, jump, backflip, climb stairs, rollover, standing on 2 legs, etc.
  • Capacity: Can carry up to 6 pounds or 2.7kg

Expansion and Connectivity:

  • This allows users to add other modules such as lights,
    • USB-C Port: 3
    • HDMI Port: 1
Xiaomi Cyberdog Climb Stairs
Xiaomi Cyberdog Climb Stairs. Credit: Xiaomi

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