Xiaomi 120W and 200W Charging Coming in 2022

In May 2021, Xiaomi demonstrated the world first 120W wireless and 200W wired charging for smartphones.

Using a custom-build Xiaomi 11 Pro with 4000 mAh battery, Xiaomi’s 200W wired charger with USB-C to USB-C connection, took just 8 mins to fully charge the phone. The 120W wireless charger broke another record to charge the same phone in 15mins.

Production Plans

Currently, the charger is not in production yet, so there is no physical data about the size and weight. From the video, the test prototype appears to have a single USB-C port. In a video by Black Mob, it is not confirmed if the person holding the charger is the actual one used during the testing.

For a 200W powerbrick, the chargers in shown in all the demo videos so far is impressive. For once, power does not come with size and weight. This is a very important challenge when designing mobile accessories. Any design which does not consider the size and weight for mobility, is generally a poor design that is waiting to be replaced by competitors sooner than later.

In any case, the production model would only be released in 2022 with new Xiaomi smartphone that is compatible with the new charger. According to GizmoChina, one possible model is the Mi MIX5.

All the other smartphone brands have alot of catching up to do.

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