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Amazing Bags from around the world

If you starting to get bored with the latest designer bags, and looking at some head-turners, with the wow-factor. And ofcourse, at any price even if that means cheap-er.

1) Amazing Thailand
Try these latest “food” design from Thailand. They have all sorts of fruits, fish, leaves, and even bird. These are probably inexpensive, and certain a great gift idea to buy some as a present.

These are definitely head turners, especially when it looks like someone is carrying a durian fruit, squid or fish while shopping in the mall. On the other hand, they even trick a potential snatch thief, who could think that the stingray is real.

Would such design ideas be transformed into limited edition, designer bags? Probably, but at the top end market, there might be need to further refine the looks, and be more picky on the texture, color and material used.

Source: Instagram

2) Car Lovers

There are some among us who are crazy with cars, and must carry one with them wherever they go. Poshmark used to be selling some of these “vintage car” bags until they are sold out as we write.

3) Music Lovers

These are discontinued, fashionable, guitar-look bags with speckles of glitters.


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