Compare JBL Reflect Flow PRO Vs Non-Pro Version

This design review compares the differences between JBL Reflect Flow Pro vs JBL Reflect Flow earbuds (Non-Pro) version. According to Cnet, JBL is planning to release the upgraded JBL Reflect Flow Pro around 14 Nov.

The original JBL Reflect Flow was released in 2019, and users have commented on the excellent sound quality especially in the bass. We believe it can only get better in the Pro version, along with other new features to match the high-end earbuds in the stores.

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1. IP Rating is upgraded from IPX7 to IP68. This is explained clearly as follows:

IPXYFirst Digit – SOLIDSSecond Digit – LIQUIDS
IPX7Untested against solidsProtected from water for 30mins.
Depending on size of test sample, the highest point must be 150mm below water surface, or the lowest point must be 1m, whichever is deeper.
IP68Complete protection against dust ingress, i.e. dust-tight. Test duration of 8 hours.Protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure and depth greater than 1m.

In the case of small objects like earbuds, IPX7 will be based on the lowest point at 1m depth for 30mins. For the IP68, we will wait for JBL to provide more information on their test specifications, which should exceed IPX7.

2. The driver is upgraded from 5.8mm to 6.8mm. We believe the new driver will deliver a much better sound with the JBL Signature Sound. This will be verified when the new earbuds are released in November.

3. JBL Reflect Flow Pro now have ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), which is an essential feature found in most of the latest earbuds.

4. Each earbud has 3 microphones (total 6 mics), which comprises two beamforming microphones and the third for wind suppression.

5. Previously, the JBL Reflect Flow has an impressive 10h battery life and 30h including charging case, however, that was without any ANC. Now with ANC available, the JBL Reflect Flow Pro can still deliver the same battery life with ANC on. The battery life is even longer than the latest Jabra Elite 7 Pro and Active, and Logitech’s Zone True Wireless earbuds which are specified 9 hours.

The following comparison table only highlighted the design specifications that have been published at Cnet. There could be other improvements which we will find out when the earbuds are officially released.

The JBL Reflect Flow Pro clearly distinguishes itself as the “pro” version in terms of design and has even won a Red Dot Design Award. We have covered the more detailed review of the JBL Reflect Flow Pro and even compared it against the latest and much anticipated Jabra Elite 7 Active Earbuds.

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Read also: Compare JBL Reflect Flow Pro Vs Jabra Elite 7 Active Sports Earbuds

Comparison Table: JBL Reflect Flow Pro Vs JBL Reflect Flow.
Tech SpecsJBL Reflect
JBL Reflect
Flow Pro
Earbuds IP RatingIPX7IP68
Audio (Speaker)
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)NoYes
Transparency (Hear Through)Ambient AwareYes
Mems Microphone per earbud23
Wind Noise ReductionNoYes
Use either earbud independently
(Mono Mode)
Ear Wings for FittingYesYes, PowerFins
Bluetooth Version5.05.0
Music Time (ANC On)8h
Total Time + Charge Case (ANC On)30h (no ANC)30h
Qi-Certified Wireless ChargingNoYes
Fast Charge For 1 hour usage10mins10mins

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