Jabra Evolve2 Earbuds vs Jabra Elite 7 Pro Earbuds


This article compares and highlights the key differences between the latest Jabra Evolve2 earbuds against the 2021 flagship Jabra Elite 7 Pro.

The Jabra Evolve2 earbud should not be confused with the wireless Jabra Evolve2 headband headsets, such as the Evolve2 85, 75 or 65 headsets. We are used to thinking that the Evolve series is for premium wireless headsets while the Elite series is for wireless earbuds, which may include true wireless or round-the-neck design earbuds. By comparing the pricing, we believe the Evolve2 series is the premium version with a more sophisticated design for demanding professionals.

Due to the lack of a unique name and to avoid confusion, we have to add the word “earbud” after Evolve2 to ensure everyone is clear we are referring to the in-ear earbuds.

There is a good reason why we picked the Jabra Elite 7 Pro to compare with the Jabra Evolve2 Earbuds. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro was the flagship or top-end model introduced around the end of 2021 to replace the first flagship model, the Jabra Elite 85t. Then we were speculating and waiting anxiously for the “Jabra Elite 8 Pro” in 2022, but then Jabra decided to change the name to Jabra Evolve2 earbuds. They should have stuck to the Elite series and called it a 9 or 10 – if they didn’t like the number 8. Anyway, the Evolve2 earbud is almost similar to the Elite 7 Pro, except for the additional USB dongle and compliance with the latest video conferencing technology.

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Compare Physical Specifications

Tech SpecsJabra Evolve 2Jabra Elite 7 Pro
Launch Date15-Nov-22Oct 2021
Physical Specifications
Size (each earbud) (mm)19 x 16 x 1819.1x16x17.6mm
Weight (each earbud)5.4g5.4g
Earbuds IP RatingIP57IP57
Control TypeButtonButton
ColourBlackTitanium black, black, gold beige
Fit and Comfort  
Pressure Relief/VentYesYes
Mono Mode
(Use either earbud)
Ear Gel3 sizes3 sizes
Ear WingsNoNo

The Jabra Evolve2 is released on 15 Nov 2022, slightly more than a year after the Jabra Elite 7 Pro. We could expect the release of the next flagship around the same time next year during the October to November period.

Both earbuds have almost the same size and weight and come with a physical button design instead of a touch button. Jabra’s earbuds have always used physical buttons, which are proven to be more user-friendly than touch control. For example, its easier to press the button twice than to tap twice when you are running or moving. We have tried the JBL Reflect Flow Pro touch control and concluded that the physical button for the Jabra is the better option.

As expected, Jabra Evolve2 has IP57, which is as good as the Jabra Elite 7 Pro.

IPXYFirst Digit – SOLIDSSecond Digit – LIQUIDSRemarks
IP57Dust protected. Dust must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.Protected from water for 30mins.
Depending on the size of a test sample, the highest point must be >150mm below the water surface, or the lowest point must be >1m.
For example, if an object is 1m tall, the top part must be submerged at least 150mm below the surface. This means the lowest point is 1.15m deep.

At this time, Jabra Evolve2 earbuds only have black colours, but we expect more colour options to be available in the coming month.

One key feature about the Jabra earbuds is that they are so small that they flush with the outer ear lobes instead of protruding out of the ear like some huge earbuds. They also grip well to the ear and do not fall out easily unless something brushes over it accidentally. That said, we always prefer ear wings regardless of how well and fitting the design is to the ear.

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Man wearing Jabra Evolve2 Earbuds

Compare Audio Specifications

Tech SpecsJabra Evolve 2Jabra Elite 7 Pro
Audio (Speaker)
Frequency Response 80Hz-8000Hz (Speak Mode)
20-20kHz (Music Mode)
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)AdjustableAdjustable
Transparency (Hear Through)YesYes
FeaturesPeakStop™, EU Noise-at-Work, G616, voice guidancePeakstop, voice guidance
Microphone per earbud3 MEMS mics (Voice, FF, FB).
Total 6 mics for both earbuds.
Jabra Algorithms
Multisensor Voice™ including VPU (bone conducting sensor)
3  MEMS microphones (Voice, FF, FB)
Total 6 mics for both earbuds.
Jabra Algorithms
Multisensor Voice™ including VPU (bone conducting sensor)
Wind Noise Reduction YesYes
Microphone Frequency 80Hz-8000Hz 80Hz-8000Hz

The Jabra Evolve2 earbuds and Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds are similar in audio specifications, except that Jabra has trademarked the Peakstop technology that meets the Australian guideline G616 for telco equipment.

So far the Jabra Evolve2 earbuds have the best audio design specifications and are even better than the Apple Airpods Pro 2. The Jabra Evolve2, like the Jabra Elite 7 Pro, has three microphones per earbud (hence a total of 6 earbuds):
a) One beamforming microphone to pick up your voice.
b) One external facing microphone to pick up surrounding voice for active noise cancellation. This “Feedforward” microphone picks up the external sound and generates an “anti-sound” to cancel the noise.
c) One internal facing microphone to pick up what you are hearing. This “Feedback” microphone picks up what you hear and corrects the signal.

The Evolve2 being the new flagship earbud has hybrid active noise cancellation, but this is only part of the reason for the high price tag. The Multisensor voice technology utilizes Feedback, Feedforward microphones. and also the bone conducting sensor to deliver a clear voice through the microphone.

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Quite intuitively, PeakStop stops sudden peaks in volume. It constantly monitors the sound level of your conversation. PeakStop cuts off the “loud” part whenever a sound spike comes in. Any sound above 118 decibels is considered too loud and suppressed (in line with international regulation).

Compare Connectivity Specifications

Tech SpecsJabra Evolve 2Jabra Elite 7 Pro
Bluetooth Version5.25.2
Bluetooth ProfileA2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, HFP v1.7, HSP v1.2, SPP v1.2A2DP, SPP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Operating Range20m10m
Wireless Connect w/USB DongleYesNo
Paired Devices in Memory88
Multi-point Connection22
SensorsProximity/Ear sensor
Bone conducting sensor
Bone Conduction Sensor
Proximity/Ear sensor
Auto Play/PauseYesYes
Auto power offYesYes
Auto power onYesYes
Voice AssistantGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SiriGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri
Certifications and ComplianceAvaya, Cisco, Unify, Microsoft Teams (SKU specific), MFi, Qi, Zoom, Google Meet, Amazon Chime, Amazon AlexaMFi, Qi, FCC, ISED, CE, RoHS, REACH, Proposition 65

In the connectivity section, we find the most significant differences between the Jabra Evolve2 earbuds and Jabra Elite 7 Pro.

The Jabra Evolve 2 earbuds are certified for the leading video conferencing platforms that, include Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. This is achieved by a USB adapter that helps to provide a more stable connection for the UC platform.

However, the box does not come with all the options. The user has to decide between USB-A or USB-C adapter and an adapter optimized for Microsoft Teams or Unified Communications (UC).

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Jabra Evolve2 Earbuds with USC-C Adapter

Compare Battery Life

Tech SpecsJabra Evolve 2Jabra Elite 7 Pro
Battery Life
Music Time8h (ANC On)
10h (ANC Off)
8h (ANC On)
10h (ANC Off)
Talktime Time5h6h (ANC Off)
Total Time + Charge Case 33h (ANC On)30h (ANC On)
Standby Time292 days292 days
Fast Charge 5mins for 1-hour battery life5mins for 1-hour battery life
Earbud BatteryLithium-ionLithium
Charging Time 0-100% (Buds)2 hours2.5h (150mins)
Charging Case
Connector TypeUSB-CUSB-C
Input Power5V5V
Qi-Certified/Wireless ChargingYesYes
Battery Status LightYesYes
Charging Time 0-100% (Case)2h2.5h
Wireless Charging Time4h2.5h

Besides a 10% increase in battery life which could be attributed to the slightly heavier charger, there is no difference in battery life for the earbuds based on a single charge. Another improvement is that the earbud’s charging time is reduced by about 20%; however, the new charging case has a longer wireless charging time, albeit faster charging via USB-C.

The designers have maintained the slim charger design for easy storage, including tight jeans pockets.


The significant differences between the Jabra Evolve 2 earbud are the additional video conferencing platform certification and an additional USB dongle for increased range and stable connection. At the hefty price of $300,  there is no need to upgrade if you already have the Jabra Elite 7 Pro unless you need highly stable video conferencing calls.

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