Magnetic Locking Shoe Laces Design Review

The product design of the magnetic locking shoe lace is so simple and effective that it may go viral in social media soon.

The product design integrates strong magnets into a pair of chromed buckles for quick release and locking. This product is useful in situations when there is a need to quickly untie or tie shoe laces, or simply for daily use so that you can get out or into the house faster.

The shoe laces that come with the set is high quality, elastic shoe laces. The local suppliers in China may be able to offer more color choices than those currently selling sold in US online stores.

Multiple colors to choose from

Besides the silver chrome color, the magnetic buckles also come in gold and black nickel options. These finishing are very commonly available in China.

Gold Color Buckle
Black Nickel Buckle

How does it work?

Replace existing shoe laces with the elastic shoe laces, and cut off the ends as shown.
Use a lighter and burn the cut ends of the shoe laces. Then fold about 5-8mm and insert into the magnetic bucklet.
Use the screwdriver and screws provided to secure the shoe laces.

How Strong is the Magnet?

The magnet is quite strong, however, they are still light enough to be taken apart by hand.

The buckles are unlikely to break apart during walking or running unless the buckle hits something that causes them to separatey. In such unlikely event, it is easy to re-buckle in 1 second.


There are almost no drawback in the design of the product except for the price which we feel is excessively higher. The price of one set of magnetic locking shoe laces sold in US online shops can be as high as $18. Even though the quality of the product is reportedly good, the original retail price set sold in China is significantly cheaper.

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