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This is a quick review of the Logitech G600 MMO Mouse focusing primarily on the buttons. It comes 20 buttons, and unlike most mouse in the past, it has 3 large buttons on top excluding the middle wheel and those smaller buttons. It is also a wire mouse with no wireless features at all. Nevertheless it is popular with MMO gamers as well as some content creators.

Logitech G600 is one of the oldest MMO mouse. We are not sure but it seems to be out of production. However, you may still find them in some stores if you are lucky, and purchase them at a discounted price. It is the rare few mouse with a third button on the right-most side, which may be configured like an “ALT” or “CTRL” on the keyboard, to double the number of button functions.

So, there is a total of 12 buttons at the side and 8 buttons on top including the middle wheel, making a total of 20 buttons. Using the “ALT” or “CTRL” whichever is assigned to the last button, you can expand the functions beyond 20 buttons.

G600 (arrowed is the 3rd right button)

We are unsure why there was no follow-up development of the G600 mouse. Subsequent MMO mouse from other competitors have also featured 12 buttons at the side, with other new design features for better user interface.

The 12 side thumb buttons provides alot more function, however, the following are some design comments:

  • After playing MMO games with this mouse for several months , we find that the thumb can only comfortably reach 6 buttons, without shifting the palm/grip on the mouse.If I position my hand in the “central position” so that it can reach the middle 6 buttons with more frequently used key functions, the thumb will need to either stretch or squeeze to reach the nearest and furthest button. They are just uncomfortable and not suitable if you need to grip and move the mouse at the same time.
  • There is no place for the thumb to grip. This may be an issue for some games where you need a firm grip on the mouse.The buttons may be too small for some, while others may occasionally press 2 buttons together accidentally.
  • There is a tendency to press the wrong mouse button due to the size and spacing.

The following will make the G600 a much better mouse

  • To add 2 buttons on the left button for the index finger, like the G604 or G502 (not in this review).
  • Allow the configuration of the right mouse button (next to scrollwheel) to behave as a middle mouse button. This would make it very useful for CAD design work as well. Check out these professional mouse from 3D Connexion.
  • We also wished the middle wheel button can be switched between click-by-click and smooth scroll like some of the newer Logitech mouse.
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