Sustainable Smart Soap Bottle Design

A quick glance at this project, and we already know this looks like an excellent and promising idea that all major brands should start looking. However, the main reason why we decided to select this project for our next post is because of this line in the video:

“Did you know that almost all personal care products in the market today are still packaged with materials that take more than 400 years to decompose?”

400 years is at least 4 or 5 lifetime. I didn’t even know the those plastic bottle will decompose, and I am correct that it would not happen in my lifetime.

  • Content: A bottle of personal care product, which can be shampoo, body wash or shower gel,
  • Container:
    • Bottle is made in soap material which can be used for hand wash and washed away with dirt over time. Next, it decomposes in sewage plant within days.
    • Soap material is made in organic ingredients, oils, and caustic soda.
  • Metal Closure: This cap can be removed and reused on a new bottle.
  • Paper Label: Paper is naturally biodegradable but it can be recycled as well.

This makes the product 100% green and sustainable! Perfect Score!

One question we have is whether the soap material inside will “dissolve” in the content and affect its effectiveness overtime. But since the content is also another form of soap product (be it shampoo or body wash), we do not think this would make it any difference. However, some users might question when the content is some high-end face wash.

Check this out at Kickstarter for more information!


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