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Wide living room with abstract paintings



  • The light-colored carpet on the floor emphasized the living room area where people mingle.
  • The carpet space is slightly off centered, positioned more towards the window on the left.
  • The exterior scene on the left is potentially a highlighted area and the window is fully unobstructed without mullions or architraves.
  • The ceiling is generally a negative space with positive accent lights at the edges.


  • On the wall, the full height vertical seam line makes the false ceiling appear taller.
  • Furniture on the right has vertical elements on top, and horizontal elements at the bottom. This could emphasis the displays on the tabletop where both elements meet.
  • The carpet lines define the main activity area in the living area.
  • The lines on the carpet and right side cabinet, provide direction and are consistent with the directional lines of the flooring, as well as the main lines on the back wall leading up to the ceiling.


  • Wall tile pattern help to create interest in the portrait and landscape wall pictures.
  • Slight curved lines on the two sofas on the left provides a softening tone at the transit to the window.
  • The curvilinear shaped sofas and lamp post contrast the rectilinear shape in the rest of the room, providing a soft feel and flow amidst rigid shapes.
  • Abstract shapes in the wall pictures greatly enhances the aesthetic of the living room.


  • The lighter carpet color brings out the main area of the living room, while the dark floor creates a feeling of depth all around it.
  • Overall color scheme is achromatic.


  • The polished, metallic trimming separating the wall panels, offer contrast to the textured, raw concrete-like finishing on the wall panels itself.
  • The raw concrete-like finishing on the wall panels contrast to the smooth matte ceiling.
  • The texture of the wall feels consistent with the sofa (while the wall line is straight and sofa is somewhat curved), without though we are comparing a wall with fabric.
  • The use of polished metal lamp base and glass accessories on the table, add classy feel to the space.
  • The texture of on the carpet appears consistent in direction as the floor but lighter in color.


  • Spot lights are placed at the ceiling edges, reduces clutter and creates negative, clean space on the ceiling.
  • Accent lighting emphasizes the portrait and landscape wall pictures.
  • The full height window allow natural light to flow into the living room.
  • Table lamp positioned at the corner between the long sofa and single sofa seat.


  • The most obvious patterns are the wall tiles.
  • The pattern on the rug is linear and follows direction of the wood grain on the flooring.



  • Overall balance appears to be asymmetrical based on the wall tiling, pictures, and carpet positioning. The window view is considered when viewed together with the pictures when considering that it is asymmetrical.


  • Repetition is found in the furniture on the right side.
  • A mix of progression and alternation is seen on the arrangements of the tiled wall panels.
  • The linear arrangement of the ceiling accent lighting is a form of repetition that draws our eyes into the living room towards the right.


  • The emphasis on the two wall paintings by using carefully placed lighting and wall tile panels in raw concrete-like finishing.
  • The emphasis on the central living room area by the use of carpet in lighter colors.

 Proportion and Scale:

  • The emphasis on the two wall paintings by using carefully placed lighting and wall tile panels in raw concrete-like finishing.
  • The color of the sofa and wall is dormant grey color at around 50-60%, followed by secondary darker grey at around 30%.
  • The use of long sofa and single seating is a good choice for the large living room, and there is still enough room around the living area to make it look spacious.


  • Shape: Wall panels, pictures, tables, carpets, ceiling lines are rectilinear.
  • Color: Similar lighting color at the living and wall area. All seatings have similar grey fabric color and is also consistent with the grey concrete-like color of the wall panel.
  • Texture: The texture of the carpet and flooring appears to be quite similar even though they are of different colors and finishing.
  • Lines: Interior surfaces are all rectilinear, whereas soft items are curvilinear.
  • Materials: Timber for flooring and cabinets. Wooden table with chrome steel frame.

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