Updated MMO Mouse Comparison Chart

The following is a simplified comparison chart MMO Mouse in the market serves as an entry point for anyone to explore further reviews into specific model. It gives the key specifications that we would normally look before to downselect to pick the few that we liked. Just because everyone buys the Razer Naga Pro on does not mean it is the best or would meet your needs.

What is MMO Mouse

MMO Mouse are designed for use in MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Such games have seemingly endless game play actions which would benefit by setting up keyboards and mouse shortcuts. The objective is to have quick reaction by directly pressing the keys on the keyboard (left hand) and mouse (right hand).

For example, there could be 3 spell schools (Wizard, Necromancer and Mystic) and each spell schools have 64 spells. If a game character is a pure Mage, the game may allow him to learn all 3 schools, which means he has the ability to use 180 spells at this disposal.This is besides other shortcuts that he may want to have, such as riding a mount, activating items, running, etc.

So depending on MMO game, it is very easy to use up all the shortcuts with 108 keyboard keys and 20 over mouse keys. So more keys, the merrier.

The comparison chart is focused on the number of keys and their location. Most MMO Mouse have 12 keys on the side panel, pioneered long time ago by the Logitech G600. Ironically, every other brand has come up with newer versions of the 12-key side panel MMO mouse, except Logitect who reduced it to 6 keys in G604. It could have been the best seller if G600 can be upgraded with G604 features without losing the side 12-key panel.

MMO Mouse Comparison Chart

Programmable Buttons (physical)
MMO Mouse
Total Side Top Bot Tilt
Connect Batt. Batt.
Weight Remarks
Logitech G600 18 12 6 0 Yes Clicky Wire No 133g Likely out of production
Razer Naga Pro 18 12 5 1 Yes Clicky Wireless
2.4Ghz, Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE)
117g Swappable side buttons layout.
Toggle profile button at bottom of mouse.
Razer Naga X 16 12 4 0 No Clicky Wire No 110g
Razer Naga Trinity 19 12 7 0 Yes Clicky Wire No 120g
Logitech G604 11 6 5 0 Yes Both Wireless
2.4Ghz, Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE)
1 x AA 5 months
Steelseries Rival 500 13 6 7 0 Yes Clicky Wire No 129g Out of production
Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Optical 17 12 5 0 No Clicky Wire No 147g
Sliding side keypad, locked by key at bottom of mouse.
ASUS ROG Spatha 12 6 6 0 No Clicky Wireless
Wire Micro-USB
2 days 178.6g Replaceable mouse key switches. DPI button not programmable.
Redragon M908 16 12 4 0 No Clicky Wire No 114g Adjustable weight.
Redragon M913 Impact Elite 16 12 4 0 No Clicky Wireless
Wire USB-C
Yes 80h 129g

The programmable buttons refer to the number of “physical button” that can be programmed. Most buttons are straightforward, except for the Scroll Wheel which also serves as the MMB (Middle Mouse Button).

The Scroll Button

On some models, the scroll wheel alone can have up to 5 programmable functions that can be modified to serve other than its original default purpose:

  • Press
  • Scroll Up
  • Scroll Down
  • Tilt Left
  • Tilt Right

Our Ideal MMO Mouse

Ideally, the ultimate MMO mouse would like combine the best features of three most popular MMO mouse:

  • Razer Naga Pro
  • Logitech G600
  • Logitech G604

The desirable Tech Specs for the MMO Mouse should have:

  • Side keypad: Option to swap between 12 and 6-key panels like the Naga Pro
  • 2 x Index finger top buttons beside the Left Mouse Button (LMB) like the Logitech G604
  • Another large button to the Right of the Right Mouse Button (RRMB), like the G600 and Steelseries Rival 500. So there should be 3 large buttons on top besides the scrollwheel and the rear DPI buttons.
  • The scroll wheel should be switchable between clicky and smooth scroll like the G604.
  • The scroll wheel should have a flat profile like the G604.
  • USB-C charging or wired port, not micro-USB. Eventually all devices should converge to USB-C only.
  • Multi-device pairing capability like the Logitech mouse.
  • 3-way connectivitiy via Wireless 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, and wired connection.

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