3D Printing Material List

Overview of 3D Printing Materials

Advantages Disadvantages Uses
PLA Biodegradable
Low cost
No toxic fumes (Lactide)
Low heat resistance.
Stringing and oozing.
Brittle when harden.
Poor chemical resistant.
Non-functional prototype
Indoor used products
ABS Low cost.
Heat resistant.
Prone to warping.
May shrink when cool.
Emit toxic fumes (Styrene).
Cheap, low strength functional parts
PETG Glossy and smooth finish.
Food safe.
Stringing and oozing.
Bottles, medical braces, guards, covers, shop displays, graphic displays.
Nylon 12, 11 and 6 Good wear resistance.
Can be drilled or tapped.
Strong and durable.
Resist breaking.
Not brittle.
Prone to warping.
All uses including functional moving parts like gears, hinges, clips, pulleys, wearing plates.
PC Rigid.
Bend without Breaking.
Impact, heat, fatigue, and
wear resistant.
Can reinforce with fibers.
Sensitive to Scratches.
Can expand.
Protection screens, eye protection, helmet, bottles.
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