Pendora 48E Screwdriver Set Review Vs Xiaomi Mijia Screwdriver

Pendora 48E Main

The Pendora 48E is a lightweight, minimalist rechargeable, screwdriver set, currently sold at Indiegogo in an ongoing campaign. Each set contains:

  • 48 high-precision bits
  • Aluminum alloy case with one-click latch
  • Simple operation with 3 control buttons

We also found another set that looks similar, the Xiaomi Mijia screwdriver kit, but has different specifications, and it is currently sold in online stores such as Shopee and Amazon.

This article is purely a design review to compare the specs, so we do not comment on why or how the creator place similar-looking (Amazon) product on Indiegogo.

As it turns out, the design looks the same but the specifications are quite different.

Advantages of Pendora 48E:[tie_index]Advantages of Pendora 48E:[/tie_index]

Overall, Pendora 48E has a better specification based on the following advantages

  • Overall weight is lighter by 27% (despite Pendora has more screwdriver bits).
  • Faster charging time of 50mins.
  • Slimmer screwdriver diameter at 15.8mm.
  • Lighter screwdriver handle at 53 grams.
  • The screwdriver handle has LED lights for illumination.
  • 0.35 N.m is 1.75 times higher torque than Xiaomi Mijia’s screwdriver
  • It has twice the number of screw bits, 48 vs 24 bits.

Disadvantages of Pendora 48E:[tie_index]Disadvantages of Pendora 48E:[/tie_index]

  • It is not water-resistant, so there is nothing special about it in this aspect.
  • The screwdriver handle is longer by almost 21mm.
  • The overall product size is heavier and bigger, which is acceptable since it has to house 48 bits, which is double the number of bits from Xiaomi Mijia.
  • Lack of drill bit type markings on the casing (see Xiaomi Mijia’s casing design)

The photo below shows that the drill bits for Pendora 48E are stored both on the front and back of the charging case. Each side can house up to 24 bits, making it a total of 48 bits.

Pendora 48E
Pendora 48E Screwdriver Set

Moreover, the following information is missing:

  • Size of charging/storage case
  • Charging specification
  • Drill bit hardness
  • Warranty information

We strongly recommend the creator add the above information to the campaign essay.

Below is Xiaomi Mijia’s screwdriver set, where the drill bits are housed on one side only. Also notice that there are markings on the casing to guide the user on where to place the bits. These markings are missing on the Pendora.

All electronic products must include warranty information.

Review Comments:[tie_index]Review Comments:[/tie_index]

The Pendora 48E may look the same but it has better specifications than Xiaomi Mijia screwdrivers.

The advantage of the Xiaomi Mijia is mainly a shorter screwdriver handle at just 159mm, and we like the drill bits markings on their casing.

Below is the full table for comparison.

SpecificationsPENDORA 48E Minimalist Screwdriver SetXiaomi Mijia Electrical Precision Screwdriver Kit
Product LinkIndiegogo
Product Net Weight 257 grams
353 grams
Charging Case SizeNot Stated201.8 x 74.2 x 25.2mm
Charging Case MaterialAluminumAluminum
Charging Case ConnectorUSB-CUSB-C
Charging SpecificationNot Stated5V 0.14A
Charging Time50 mins160-200min
Screwdriver Handle Size 180×Φ15.8mm159×Φ16.4mm
Screwdriver Handle Weight
53 grams
59 grams
Screwdriver MaterialAluminumAluminum
Screwdriver Battery 350 mAh350 mAh
LED Lights
Rated Voltage 3.7V DC3.7V DC
Maximum Torque
0.35 N.m0.05 N.m (Gear 1)
0.2 N.m (Gear 2)
Max RPM200 RPM200 RPM
Drill Bit MaterialS2 SteelS2 Steel
Drill Bit HardnessNot Stated60 HRC
Number of Drillbits48

Please see below



Phillips: PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1
Flathead: SL1.5, SL2.0
Hexagon: H0.7, H0.9, H1.5, H2.0
Triangle: 2.3
W-shaped: W1.5
Y-shaped: Y0.6, Y1
Torx: T2, T3, T4
Torx security: T5H, T6H, T8H, T9H, T10H

PH0, PH1, SL2.0, T8H, T10H, H2.0 are C4 x 25mm, others are C4 x 28mm




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