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La Mansio Designer Bag Review

Modular designer bag for women with active lifestyle and kickass attitude

The La Mansio modular bag for active women has received $2,637,863 from 7,730 backers with 23 more days to go. The Kickstarter campaign has exceeded the goal of $11,000 and if it reaches the stretched goal of $3,500,000 there will be a water bottle pocket.

The designer handbag is developed by three young creative designers, Kate, Bianca, and Livia. They asked 1,000 users for their inputs to create the perfect design of a “24-hour” bag.

La Mansio Team
La Mansio Team

The Design

The Benefits

Four styles of carrying
    • Handbag
    • Backpack
    • Shoulder bag with padded straps
    • Trolley sleeve bag (for luggage handles)

Based on the information presented, we thought that it is important to state that there are in fact four, and not just three ways of “carrying” the bag around.

The trolley sleeve design which allows the bag to be secured to the luggage handle is not a default in all traveling bags. Anyone who has used a bag without the trolley sleeve would appreciate its usefulness.

La Mansio Bag Carry Styles


  • La Mansio Trolley Sleeve
    La Mansio Trolley Sleeve
Premium leather and materials.As they said, it is suitable for all occasions including office, business, gym, and leisure beyond sundown.
Double zipper opening
Based on the video demonstrations, the top opening of the bag was designed with two zips, so that only one side needs to unzip for quick access. To get a wider opening, then unzip both sides.

Open single zip for quick access
Open single zip for quick access
Open both zips for wide access
Open both zips for wide access
12 pocketsIt was said that the bag is designed to be “easier to find things” by organizing them into different compartments. Most bags have multiple compartments, and there is not enough information as to how the compartments designed for the La Mansio are better than the other bag.
Modular designThe bag’s modular design includes the following internal bags that can be depending on individual needs.

  • Compression Cube Add-on with a hanger attachment to hook up.
  • Elegant Laptop Case Add-on independently.
  • Camera Cube Add-on, which can be carried independently.

These internal bags are specially designed for the La Mansio, but any smaller pouches can be used as an internal modular bag. such as a cosmetic bag, or coin purse. Also, most cameras come in their own mini bag by the manufacturers.

La Mansio Bag Add On
La Mansio Bag Add On
Water-proof accessible via side pocket The built-in water-proof compartment for wet clothes or foldable gym shoes is typically found in gym bags only. Would it be better if the water-proof compartment is modular as well?
Hidden exterior zip pocketThese compartments are for safe and quick easy access to important items like wallets or keys.
Available in four types of leather colorCurrently, there are three leather and one fabric option, and it was stated that all are water-repellent” except for the heritage brown.

  • Black Saffiano is most durable, scratch-resistant, and water repellent.
  • Vegan Saffiano is also black and water repellent.
  • Heritage Brown is an iconic, rich ‘cuoio’ shade of brown.
  • Toscana Olive is a water-repellent olive green fabric, complemented by Saffiano Marrone brown leather straps for elegance and durability.

*A compression cube is a small bag designed to organize and compartmentalize clothes inside luggage, as well as to compress clothing to ensure optimum use of space.

compression packing cube
compression packing cube

There are three types of modular Add-On bags available, however, the main bag may not take them all as it depends on how much stuff you have put inside. All the above Add-On can be put inside the main bag or carried separately.

There are three main colors, black, brown, and olive green. All the bag material is leather except for the Toscana Olive which is an olive fabric with leather straps.





The bag design appears to be very well received, basing on the number of backers that have signed up. The design intent of the bag is created for modern women with active lifestyles for work, gym, leisure, and even traveling.

What we liked about the design are the four ways of carrying the bag, including the trolley sleeve and large number of internal pockets, and wide opening. However, we also feel the price is rather expensive and some users are concerned if they can deliver the bags by December 2021.

The size of the bag could also be a little small for all the “features” to be used at the same time. If you are planning to carry a laptop, gym shoes, a DSLR camera, and some office documents, it is going to be very tight to fit in with other necessities such as a phone, gadgets, spare charger and keys, etc.

The weight of the full leather version is 1.38kg as mentioned in the comments, which we feel is quite heavy for an all-day bag. If the weight is a concern, the creator recommended ordering the olive fabric version instead.

At the bottom of the campaign page, we checked both Backercamp and Producthype, but are unable to locate any webpage that highlighted the La Mansio campaign.

Link: La Mansio Kickstarter Campaign

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